“The guys are patient, Vanya is patient, the coaching staff is patient.” Sergei Fedorov spoke about the recovery of CSKA goalkeeper Fedotov

The head coach CSKA Sergei Fedorov at the opening of the All-Russian Hockey Day at VDNH, he said that the army goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov is on the road to recovery.

On Friday, VDNKh organized the opening ceremony of the All-Russian Hockey Day with the participation of CSKA hockey legends, managers and players. The event took place in the presence of Pavel Bure, Boris Mikhailov, Sergei Fedorov and other representatives of the Moscow army.

— CSKA brings goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov to the top of his form. But then Dmitry Gamzin shot. Maybe he will become number one?

“I feel good about this goalkeeping situation. Gamzin played six matches with long breaks and won six times. Confident game in goal, process is underway. What can I say ? Well done man!

But this is a preparatory option. Yes, it’s a replacement. We are introducing him to adult hockey. According to the tasks that a large club like CSKA has set itself and will always set itself. It’s awesome and no one can take it away. But this is the work of the preparatory system of all our goalkeepers.

If we talk about Fedotov, he is slowly recovering. The guys in the team understand what Vanya went through and what he is going through now. Without a doubt, there is reciprocity here. The guys endure, Vanya endures, the technical staff tolerates the situations that we sometimes encounter.

But the most important thing is that we understand where we want to be. But at the moment it takes, as always, a little more time than we would like,” Fedorov was quoted as saying by a correspondent.

CSKA is in sixth place in the KHL Western Conference with 42 points in 36 matches. The Moscow military team has won the Gagarin Cup in the last two playoffs, in 2022 and 2023.

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Source : MatchTV

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