“Our position in the fight for the playoffs is very precarious. It needs to be improved” – the general director of Siberia on the dismissal of Nemirovsky

CEO”Siberia » Kirill Fastovsky, in an interview with , explained why the team’s head coach, David Nemirovsky, was fired.

On Wednesday, Sibir issued a statement saying that due to the team’s unsatisfactory results this season, it had decided to end its cooperation with Nemirovski. Along with him, assistant head coach Evgeny Korolev, coach-video analyst Max Markovich and physical training coach David Gutshon leave the club.

— The dismissal of David Nemirovsky was self-imposed: stability in Sibir was never achieved.

– It’s true, of course. It failed to achieve what we expected. It just didn’t work. David understood what needed to be done – and knew how to do it. But that did not work. Well, it happens. I don’t see any particular tragedy in this. In any profession, a person can fail. Especially in something as complex as coaching. Nemirovski and I still have a great relationship. There is no conflict or whining here. David took the news about the dismissal very calmly.

— What should Sibir change in the game first?

— First of all, “Siberia” must establish game discipline. Without this, we will not move anywhere. In fact, that was the main problem in the last few matches.

– But you have very good young people. The same Vladimir Mikhalev is a wonderful guy.

– No, no, this direction will not change under any circumstances. We need to work closer with these guys, we need to teach them. They don’t know how to do many things yet. But there should be more individual work than team work. And then these guys will grow up.

It’s not just about Mikhalev. In Murphy’s absence, we have the youngest defense in the KHL. If only in terms of recruiting defenders. They are very promising and interesting guys, our base for the club for many years. But they must be developed separately, which will also be the responsibility of the new technical staff.

— Is it true that you are ready to extend the contract with acting head coach Sergei Krivokrasov for next season?

– For the moment, he is acting. We’ll see later.

— The fight for the playoffs enters a decisive stage and Siberia is still among the top eight.

“But our situation is very precarious.” It needs to be improved. This is also a task for coaches.

— You are very lucky that “Amur” failed so badly with a big budget, that “Amiral” did not get the better of the legionnaires, that “Barys” did not work, that “Neftekhimik” stalled again.

– What does “lucky” mean? Happy are those who are lucky. But we understand that our table neighbors give us chances. You have to know how to use them.

— What is Sibir’s plan for the December window?

— We will divide the team into several groups – by age and playing time. Those who need a break will receive help. And then – work and work.

“With such an arena and fan base, Siberia should be in the playoffs.

– Certainly”! Who would argue? “I support this with both hands,” Fastovsky told .

Sibir scored 41 points in 40 matches of the KHL championship, occupying eighth place in the Eastern Conference standings. On Thursday, Novosibirsk will play at home against Barys.

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Source : MatchTV

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