Athletistic / Hockey. Former Russian hockey player Sergei Nemchinov, two-time Stanley Cup winner, shared his opinion on the Washington Capitals’ participation of Russian forward Ivan Miroshnichenko in the matches of the main team. Previously, the forward made his NHL debut.

Nemchinov supported the decision of the Washington leadership. He also highlighted the contribution of team captain Alexander Ovechkin to the development of the young forward.

“The decision of the Washington management to involve Miroshnichenko in the NHL is absolutely correct. And Ovechkin helps Ivan to join the team, supports him. The fact that Alexander took his patronage testifies to his human qualities.

It is the continuity of generations. Experienced hockey players always pass on their knowledge to younger players. Ovechkin helps the team develop a new super-striker,” Metaratings quotes Nemchinov.

Ovechkin’s goal and assist helped Washington beat Columbus in NHL game

This season, Miroshnichenko has played 27 games in the AHL. He scored eight goals and made seven assists.