Brendan Laipsik – after obtaining Russian citizenship: “I will set the table for the SKA boys. There will be caviar and a bottle of vodka!

Brendan Laipsik – after obtaining Russian citizenship: “I will set the table for the SKA boys.  There will be caviar and a bottle of vodka!

SKA striker Brendan Laipsik said in an interview with that he intends to “brag” to his teammates regarding obtaining Russian citizenship.

On Tuesday, it became known that the 29-year-old Canadian striker received Russian citizenship. The corresponding decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin was published on the official legal information portal.

— When you take Russian citizenship, how should you register in the team?

— I think the SKA boys and I will go to dinner at the first opportunity. I’m going to put it down! There will definitely be caviar and a bottle of vodka. Something about Russian style.

— Do you have a Russian teacher?

“I don’t have such a teacher that I would go to him.” But I installed a special app on my phone that helps me communicate. I try to communicate with everyone in Russian. I think I will be able to improve my language skills by immersing myself in the everyday sphere. It’s time to learn Russian better!

— Your wife is an actress who studied according to the Stanislavski system. Doesn’t she also want to accept Russian citizenship? Maybe star in films with Russian directors.

— Yes, the Stanislavski system is very popular in North America, all the players learn from it. Now our family has a Russian passport – we may consider a second one. As they say, we will approach this topic step by step. The main thing is that my wife loves coming to St. Petersburg. She is happy here and I am happy that my family is in a good mood. Well, if they call it to Russian cinema, that would be great.

— Never before has a North American with Russian citizenship played for the Russian national team. In May you can become a pioneer. Is this an incentive?

— We have already taken the first step and I received a Russian passport. I don’t know what the future holds and if I will even be invited to the national team. So you just have to wait. You never know what will happen.

— Are you considering buying an apartment in Russia to live in two countries?

“It’s possible, although I haven’t made that decision yet.” Maybe I’ll do that in the future. Like I said, you don’t know what the future holds.

—Has your former Washington teammate, Alexander Ovechkin, ever congratulated you?

— No, Ovechkin hasn’t written to me yet. Although we have spoken several times since I applied for citizenship. I hope Ovi writes to me again. But when they gave me a Russian passport, my family and friends congratulated me. It was nice.

— Name three favorite places in Russia that have already appeared.

— If it’s Moscow, it’s the Sandunovskie baths. I like to steam in it with a broom. There are also a number of fancy restaurants. I don’t want to advertise this, but you yourself know that the choice is simply huge. Like in St. Petersburg. I have some great steakhouses in mind. I also like to walk along Nevsky Prospekt. Beautiful! – said Lipsik in an interview with .

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Source : MatchTV

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