“Goalkeeper Rybar’s injury? We will only be stronger! – Spartak hockey player Belyaev

Moscow forwardSpartak » Alexander Belyaev in a conversation with , he said that the Red-White goalkeeper’s injury Patrick Rybar will not negatively affect the team.

On Tuesday, Spartak defeated Capital Dynamo in the KHL regular season match – 6:3. The poker was made by the winning striker Maxim Tsyplakov. His line partners Alexander Burmistrov and Alexander Belyaev each provided two assists. Goalkeeper Patrick Rybar was injured during the match and forwards Pavel Poryadin and Nikolai Goldobin missed the match.

— How did you manage to defeat Dynamo with a score of 6:1 in a match with so many injuries?

– Yes, I always answer this question when asked in interviews: we were just unlucky. And today we have proven everything with our work. We had the same locker room and the same bench as usual, but we felt responsible for these guys who weren’t with us for certain reasons. It’s just that our hard work has now paid off.

— What do you think of Maxim Tsyplakov’s poker?

– What a cool guy! What else can you say? I converted my chances well today. They asked a lot of questions about Tsyplakov, Goldobin, Poryadin… They love hockey, and that’s the main thing. They are passionate about gaming and that is the key to success in any business.

— Did you have an idea to take Tsyplakov to the penta-trick?

– Such a goal did not exist. The goal was just to finish the game strong as we prepare for the playoffs. We had to play smart defense. Because all teams are already trying to get into optimal shape. But it would be great if Maxim scored five goals. This is a historic event!

— But your goalkeeper Patrick Rybar went through the “understand” on crutches. What to do about it?

– There’s nothing you can do about it. Hockey is life. We will only be stronger for it. We have a lot of talented guys. Many people will fight and try.

— Ilya Kovalchuk became captain. Has the atmosphere in the locker room changed?

– I do not want to say. I believe that anyone in Spartak can become captain. Anyone should be a leader. Nothing has radically changed. We go out and work hard every game. It doesn’t matter who the captain is, Belyaev told .

With this victory, Spartak secured their place in the playoffs.

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Source : MatchTV

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