Athletistic/Hockey. Alexander Kozhevnikov expressed confidence that Lokomotiv will be the favorite in the Gagarin Cup final, regardless of the opponent. The second runner-up will be determined in the seventh match of the series between Metallurg and Avtomobilist.

— Today is an important match between Avtomobilist and Metallurg. Who will you support?

— My team isn’t playing today, so I’m just watching hockey. I don’t see the point in favoring one team. I support Spartak, but today I will be a neutral spectator.

– So, you don’t give preference to any of the teams?

– Exactly. I do not see the interest. The two teams play on equal terms. It matters who is luckier today.

— What are your expectations for the final?

— Lokomotiv looks like a solid team. They have a good goalkeeper and a united team. They deserve to win the championship.

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