The KHL allowed referees to overturn a big penalty to players in the new season

The KHL allowed referees to overturn a big penalty to players in the new season

Next season’s KHL referees will have the option of overturning a large fine imposed on hockey players if, after viewing video of the episode, it is determined that there was no violation of rules. rules, according to the league’s website.

Corresponding changes to the rules of the season are approved by the league.

Previously, if a five-minute suspension was imposed, judges after viewing could either increase the sentence or reduce it to two minutes, but not cancel it. From now on, referees will have three options after a big fine: confirm the initial decision, modify it and cancel it.

Also from the new season, a player who presses the puck against the boards in order to delay the game will have to receive a warning from the referee. If the player continues to hold the puck, he will receive a minor penalty.

Since last season, players on the offensive team can choose the throw-in spot during a power play or after an opposing dribble. Now the same rule will apply to any stoppage of play in the end zone – the attacking team will have the right to choose where the face-off takes place.

Additionally, the definition of the offside rule has been clarified. A player crossing the blue line in front of the puck will not be considered offside if he has possession and control of the puck while at least one of his skates is touching the blue line.

Additionally, prior to the new season, umpires were advised to “combat with blocks on the face-off and directly when pulled into or behind the face-off circle”.

– In recent years, all rule changes have been written in favor of the attack and in favor of speeding up the game so that there are as few stoppages as possible during matches. We were guided by the same criteria when sending proposals to the working group this year. We introduce all changes only after clubs have voted – leaders and managers have expressed their opinions on certain points, we have fully taken their wishes into account. For example, the clubs unanimously supported the rule of the choice of the face-off spot after fixing the puck by the goalkeeper and the possibility of overriding a large fine by the referees. We are the first to introduce these rules into world hockey – here we tried both to observe ‘classic hockey’ and to increase the dynamics of the game,” said the KHL chief referee, Alexei Anisimov.

Official KHL website

Source : MatchTV

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