Athletistic / Hockey. Former head coach of the Russian national team Vladimir Pluschev said that he would watch the World Hockey Championship. According to Plyushchev, it is important for him to see modern trends, despite the absence of the Russian national team.

The World Championship began on May 10 in the Czech Republic. The Russian team was suspended from international competitions.

“Yes, I will watch the World Cup as much as possible.

“Vancouver” lost to “Edmonton” in the second game of the NHL playoff series, Zadorov scored two points

Are people not watching the World Cup because Russia isn’t there? These are their problems, their desires and their choices. You watch the Champions League if there are no Russian clubs. You watch all the other competitions that are broadcast.

So I am interested to see where international hockey is going, what are the new trends, what our rivals are paying attention to,” Soviet Sport quotes Pliushchev.

The pundit also said he doesn’t have a favorite team at the World Cup.