Athletistic/Hockey. Today, May 13, at the O2 Arena stadium in Prague, the match of the 2024 Hockey World Championship in Group A between the national teams of Finland and Norway ended. Finnish hockey players won a crushing victory with a score of 4:1.

2024 World Cup. group A
May 13, 2024, Monday. 5:20 p.m. Moscow time

Norway 1:4 Finland


0:1 Kapanen (Caski) – 06:49 (power advantage)
0:2 Hyuryu (Caski, Innala) – 17:56
0:3 Hyryu (Jaaskä, Innala) – 20:27
0:4 Kapanen (Oksanen) – 30:59
1:4 Krogdahl (Johannesen) – 38:47

The winning team was overtaken by Oliver Kapanen and Arttu Hyry, assisted twice by Oliver Kaski and Ere Innala, and by Juha Jaaskä and Ahti Oksanen once each.

Norway’s only goal was scored by Max Krogdahl and the assist was scored by Johannes Johannesen.

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