Athletistic / Hockey. Hockey agent Alexei Dementiev believes that leading national teams would like to play matches with the Russian national team. Earlier, the head of the Russian Hockey Federation (RHF), Vladislav Tretyak, said that Canada misses competition with Russian hockey players.

“The question of boredom is still relative. Rivals who are noticeably inferior to the Russian national team do not need it. This will prevent them from taking high places and proving themselves in the playoffs of the Championship of world I think the hockey players of the leading teams would be happy to play against Russia. However, as we know, the political aspect has not been canceled, it is now essential in the issue of the withdrawal of the national teams. of Russia and Belarus,” RB Sport quotes Dementyev as saying.

The 87th Ice Hockey World Championship will take place in Prague and Ostarve (Czech Republic) from May 10. The World Championship playoffs begin on May 23. The Russian national team misses the third consecutive World Cup, since in March 2022 the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) suspended it from participation in its tournaments due to the events in Ukraine.