Athletistic/Hockey. SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg spoke in detail about plans to strengthen the team.

— We need targeted changes, first and foremost to improve the power play. We are looking for a player who can score straight away and there are already such candidates. Second, we need to strengthen our defensive line. Every year we improve the details of the game, the system becomes more variable. We are changing a lot based on the experience of past years. The whole team works together: players, coaches, staff – grinders, masseurs, doctors.

We will play more efficiently. Our goal is not to become faster, but to improve all aspects of the game. In three years, we scored 604 goals, the KHL record. But we are striving to score even more,” quotes Rotenberg in Izvestia.

SKA St. Petersburg was eliminated from the 2024 Gagarin Cup, losing in the 1/4 finals of the KHL playoffs to Avtomobilist (1-4). Note that for the first time in 10 years, the St. Petersburg team failed to advance beyond the second round of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) playoffs.

  • Rotenberg: “When it comes to hockey players, I am the most patient person”