“At the World Championships we did everything not to remember Russia” – Tereshchenko

Triple world champion Alexei Tereshchenko expressed the opinion that the organizers of the World Hockey Championship in the Czech Republic did everything possible not to remember the absence Russian national team .

On Sunday, the Czech national team won the World Cup at home, beating the Swiss team in the final (2:0).

— Don’t you have the feeling that everyone has already forgotten about Russia’s absence from the World Cup?

“They do everything for this, not to remember us.” We must not only fight this, but do something about it. We can organize friendly matches. That’s what it’s about. It is very possible that this will happen.

— Could the Russian team compete with current finalists Czech Republic and Switzerland?

“We need to talk about who came and who would be there.” I think they could and would. But only the game would allow us to judge our competitiveness. That means who could come from the NHL,” Tereshchenko said on “Sport Day by Day”.

The national teams of Russia and Belarus have been suspended from international competitions by decision of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) due to the situation in Ukraine.

“Sport day after day”

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Source : MatchTV

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