Athletistic / Hockey. Former coach of the Russian national team Vladimir Plyushchev shared his opinion on the final series of the NHL playoffs. The Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers face each other in the final.

Now the score in the series is equal to 3-3. At the same time, Florida led 3-0. On June 25, the teams will play the decisive seventh game of the series.

“Are Edmonton the favorite now? Of course, it has a psychological advantage. After all, in the first three games they lost, they were completely rehabilitated with the last three games they won.

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I repeat, everything will depend on how the technical staff builds a competent game and builds a competent psychology of the game. Because I can’t say that in general there is no favorite.

It will all depend on how and who builds the team, and how the goalkeeper line plays – it will shoot from the first minutes, which means the guys will run.

He gets nervous, which means the results might be different. But nevertheless, I think the winner of the last matches has a little more chance,” Plyushchev said as quoted by All About Sports.