Hasek – about the Okhmatdyt attack: Will the IOC continue to support genocide?

Hasek – about the Okhmatdyt attack: Will the IOC continue to support genocide?

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The two-time Stanley Cup winner responded to the Russian attack on a children’s medical facility in Kyiv.

Dominik Hasek appealed to world sports leadership after the attack by Russian terrorist troops on the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital.

The former legendary hockey goalkeeper indicated that the Russians have no place in the big tournaments, because it would be a direct advertisement for the ongoing genocide of the Ukrainian people.

He also mentioned Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent visit to Moscow.

“This is the result of Orban’s “peace talks” – or rather, kissing the ass of the war criminal Putin. I hope that the doors to our country are closed. And that, the Czech government, we again will support these outrages by allowing Russian citizens (for example, athletes) to perform publicly on our territory?

What about France? Will he allow Russian citizens to advertise these insane crimes at the Olympics and allow them into his country for public appearances and competitions?

What about the IOC? Will you continue to support the Russian war and Russian crimes, including genocide?” Hasek wrote.

We remind you that the day before Russian troops launched another massive missile attack on Ukraine. The civilians of our state have once again become targets of terrorists. Rockets hit residential buildings, as well as the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in Kyiv.

In the past, famous athletes responded to the attack in Ukraine.

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