Athletistic / Hockey. The head of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) Alexei Morozov, in an interview with Match TV, said that the league, after leaving the sphere of influence of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF), will be more independent in promoting hockey in Russia and in the world.

“One of the goals of sports development in Russia is to depoliticize the international agenda. Today, many international sports federations prohibit Russian athletes and our teams from participating in international competitions. Having left the sphere of influence of the IIHF, the KHL will be more. It is independent in decision-making and in promoting Russian sports in our country and around the world,” Morozov was quoted as saying by Match TV.

On July 9, a meeting of the KHL management with the league clubs was held in Moscow on amendments to the Federal Law “On Physical Culture and Sports”. After that, it became known that the KHL remained in the Russian hockey system, but would now interact directly with the Ministry of Sports. As a result, the League gained independence from the IIHF and the FHR. Note that after that the KHL proposed to the FHR to terminate the agreement on the transfer of rights to national championships.