“Emelin knocked out Michkov? The veteran wanted to show that the youngster is not such a star.” Interview with Shirokov about hockey

– Roman, what are the fates in Sochi?

“I came here for the tournament. I decided to combine business with pleasure – watching hockey and getting a tan. I will go to the end of the SKA-Admiral match.

– In the previous match, the Russian national team (U25) – Dynamo (Minsk) defender Alexei Emelin knocked out young Matvey Michkov. Have you seen this hit?

– You see how it goes – a veteran signed up a youngster in the league. I watched the moment. There was no breach, was there?

– Did not have. But it’s too bad for Matthew.

He has already played in the KHL. The second year has started, hasn’t it? Matvey should already be ready for such blows.

– After all, it happens in football when a junior enters an adult team.

– Well, let’s assume that Michkov masters at the adult level through difficulties. It is necessary to wait for such moments when they will play against you much harder. Besides, who are you? Star! And the older generation probably wants to show you’re not quite a star. This status remains to be proven.

– Do you have a premonition who will win the Gagarin Cup this season?

– It seems to me that the circle of candidates is always the same. Ak Bars has strengthened strongly, but there is Avangard. Of course, CSKA, who want to capitalize on their success. Moscow “Dynamo” – probably not. But there is SKA and Magnitogorsk.

– When a dream team leaves, everyone wants to prescribe it. Ak Bars is now similar to Zenit with its super roster. Known Champion?

– Ak Bars was already a dream team once in 2005. And they didn’t win anything. Here it is also important to have team chemistry in addition to the star players. If they succeed, they will be fine.

Do you have any personal sympathies?

— Seryoga Chirokov. I support the club where he goes. “Magnitogorsk” in the late 90s made magic with the brothers Koreshkov and Gomolyako. I liked Ak Bars for a while. I have always liked Avangard and SKA. But I remind you that I graduated from CSKA, and this club is a priority. And I also went to the Russian Penguins in the 1990s.

– What do you think of Dominik Hasek’s statements about Russian hockey players?

– So many things in football that nobody poisons. We have reviews, but not frenzied. Hasek earns political dividends. It can not be otherwise. Why did he suddenly change his hair like that, if everything was going so well, and five months ago it got so bad? That doesn’t happen either.

– We saw that blogger Mikhail Litvin on social networks asked his subscribers for a loan of 300,000 rubles to pay the fine imposed on him by the FCC RFU. What did he do? Did you hit the referee?

– As far as I know, he somehow insulted the referee. Yesterday I read that he had been disqualified for almost a year and a half. I do not know if that’s true.

– What do you think of this story?

I don’t know the whole plot, so it’s hard for me to say. And to collect money from subscribers – he does this all the time. It is a form of donation. Love me? Do you want me to continue talking to you? Pay!

– What buzz do you see in hockey? Why don’t you play football, but play for the journalists’ hockey team?

– I also play football. It’s just familiar. And in hockey new sensations. I can’t do everything in hockey. And that’s more interesting to me. I’m as woody as everyone else. Also, there are no shock loads in hockey, so there are fewer injuries. This wisdom has already understood.

Source : MatchTV

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