“Clark is still worried about beating Kharlamov in Super Serie-72” – Tretiak

“Clark is still worried about beating Kharlamov in Super Serie-72” – Tretiak

Legendary goalkeeper, President of the FHR Vladislav Tretiak in an interview with , he recalled the key episode of the sixth game of Super Series 72, during which Canadian defender Bobby Clark inflicted a serious injury on the Soviet striker. Valery Kharlamov .

The USSR-Canada Super Series in 1972 was the first attempt to arrange meetings between Canada’s top professionals and the Soviet Union team. The series consisted of eight games. The first four matches were held in Canada, the next four – in Moscow.

In one of the episodes of Game 6, Clark landed a cutting blow with a stick hook to Kharlamov’s ankle. The Soviet player was forced to leave the field before the end of the game and could not participate in the next match. Meanwhile, Clark was only sent off late in the game, but only received a 2+10 penalty.

– You took the lead, and somewhere in the middle of the series, the Canadians started going crazy. Remember how Clark broke Kharlamov’s ankle?

“It all started in Vancouver. I will say that the judges also struggled. Because the Europeans were playing by one set of rules then, while the Canadians were playing by another. How many fights there were while the Canadians were not even eliminated! In Europe, they wouldn’t come out of the penalty box. And then the referees missed the rudeness.

In Vancouver, the Canadians were already feeling helpless and losing. What does a person do in such a situation? Fight or spit. The Canadians fought. But the main anti-hero was, of course, Clark. He then honestly admitted, “If I had been told to kill Kharlamov, I would have killed him.” Valera was beaten in the ankle like a stake. In the locker room they looked: the leg was swollen – like this! They just cut off his ankle, he couldn’t stand on a skate. But Kharlamov had already played on injections, through pain. He was all beaten up.

However, I know Bobby Clark. He is a good person who helps his loved ones in need. And who still worries about having then broken Kharlamov. However, on the ice he is a workaholic, he will do anything the coach says. I would bring that to the team. After all, he saved the honor of the NHL at the time. If Kharlamov hadn’t broken, he might have scored and we would have won, not the Canadians.

Team Canada has won the last three games of the 72 Super Series and has a total of four victories. The USSR team won three times, another meeting ended in a draw.

At 1 p.m., watch a special broadcast on the 1972 USSR-Canada Super Series on the channel.

Source : MatchTV

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