“The face is red with strawberry juice, in the soul – happiness.” Panarin told how he spent the summer

“The face is red with strawberry juice, in the soul – happiness.”  Panarin told how he spent the summer

Tyoma enters the conversation and shows us an audio tape: “Look, what they have now adapted to me.”

– What is it ? “Tender May”?

“I don’t know myself. They said some kind of exclusive version.

– Do you have a player?

– I just took a twenty-year-old Lexus, now I’m moving on. There is a cassette and record player.

– You’re now like Boomer.

– No, what are you. Obviously you haven’t seen this movie. Compare “Boomer” and “Lexus”!

“I have already befriended this mosquito”

– Last time we talked, you were going somewhere in the thicket – to feed mosquitoes, live in a hut, reboot your mind. How was the retreat in the forest?

– Hut, mosquitoes – it was like that. Then you get used to it. And at first I thought, “Damn, where am I based? I did something wrong.” Because horseflies have been replaced by gnats and mosquitoes have followed them. All this is constantly beating you, you wake up red.

But in the end, it makes you stronger. I didn’t notice them the following week. I made friends with all those mosquitoes.

– And before going to Altai. Unity with nature helps to restart before the season?

I ended this tradition. Dunce! It all started with a contract with the New York Rangers. The extra time I had to fly to America cut my vacation short. I made wrong conclusions and cut Altai. Then he went nowhere for the knurled three years. And it didn’t recharge.

And now I drove in such nature! Of course, no mountains. But there were forests and bears.

– Did you see a bear?

– Not. But traces on the territory have really been found. And I ran a cross where, as it turned out later, a bear with cubs attacked a man. But a normal road. I thought I was safe. But now Alice will have to follow me in a Lexus.

– The crosses run faster when the bear is behind.

“But I need a pulse, so I can’t speed up. Even if the bear is behind him, he must strictly keep the numbers – and run away from him with a steady, rhythmic step! And then from the “Rangers”, they will call: “Why are you overestimating the pulse?!”

“I wouldn’t want to risk my money, my life path has not been easy”

– You organize a charity match in Moscow for the second summer. What does this mean for you?

“I hope we will help the children. Now they were supporting the Elisha boy. That’s the only goal. And I think that everyone, according to their abilities, should volunteer, support others. If we all do it, it will be good.

– This Arena Play, which we are talking about, has everything, even the cyber zone. Impressive!

– No, that’s it – we end with the cyberzone. Medicines are clean!

– Tighten?

– When we started doing this, we thought it would be like a sport. But, as it turned out, large investments are needed in it. And I’m a player in the wrong weight class to compete with those guys, competing in serious tournaments.

Yes, and quite a big risk, there you have to constantly earn. And I wouldn’t want to risk my money because my life path hasn’t been easy and I don’t know how to do anything but hockey. As a result, he did not want to make large investments, and in small investments it turned into medicine. You open the door, let’s go play – and the day is over. It did not turn into tournaments. The children came and just played.

Then the realization came to me, I switched to a push-button phone. I dove into this story, thought and thought – and realized that, probably, it’s the wrong direction. In the form in which we have it, young people do not need it.

– You had a good conversation with Alexander Ovechkin at the gala match.

I invited him to the game! I called him and he immediately accepted. Admittedly, he called back a few days before departure. And I was scared! I thought he would say, “That won’t work. I said to him like this: “San, don’t scare me!” And he asked for tickets. And he scolded me even that I don’t know anything.

Because I am far from organizational problems. And the guys gave me the task – to call everyone. Some are mistaken: it is me who is calling or not me. Dial those whose numbers were. But he was not very happy with this task. I’m sitting in Korkino with my family, I have Nokia in my hands, I can’t connect the tablet to Wi-Fi. He did it with his teeth. In general, I don’t like to bother people.

“I took the train for a day and a half and looked out the window”

“How did you get to Korkino?” Each visit is a memory.

– This time we went from Moscow by car. We went to sleep in Cheboksary because we were tired. Yeah, and Alice called, “Where are you going?” Why drive all night? Because we wanted to go there directly, replacing each other.

Have you flown in a twenty year old Lexus?

– No, on a BMW that I bought from Ilya Kovalchuk – they gave him for the Olympics.

This Lexus is not safe for such long distances. The brakes are bad. He gave this rarity to his friend, asked him to do it well. And he understands cars, like me ballet. Nothing! I didn’t do anything, you drive straight – the steering wheel is at 45 degrees. No, no, it was clearly not worth driving in such a car.

And I came back by train. There was a funny story. Because my friend didn’t come back. I took the SW and thought like this: “What kind of neighbor will meet … He will start talking. Who, where, what and how.

In general, I have already logged in to chat. And there was no neighbor, imagine! And the train seems to have Wi-Fi, but it charges absolutely nothing. On an old Nokia, you can’t climb sites, there are no movies with you.

And I drove for a day and a half – just looked out the window. Slept eight times a day. Because there is nothing to do. And I used that time as an experiment in being alone. How to live alone with yourself. I didn’t even go to the dining car on purpose.

It’s good that no one is snoring nearby.

– I agree. By the way, had the imprudence to open the window at night. And the passing trains woke me up all the time.

– And when you were driving a car, did anyone stop on the road, recognize you?

– Not. But I originally traveled from Riga. Crossed the border, my friend Artem took me. And there we were arrested in the Pskov region. Discovered and released.

“Do you like Russian roads?”

– Beautiful, actually. Where I went – like nothing. I just remember riding ten years ago. And there were sections where you really had to drive at 20 km/h, particularly because of the road. And now everything is different. It turns out that our roads have improved.

“God willing, Ak Bars will qualify for the playoffs”

— Are you going to support Ak Bars in the new season?

– Sure.

– Yes?

– Of course not.

– But there is your stepfather Oleg Znarok.

“I can’t find the time. Well, how do you get sick? It is necessary to sit specially, to watch. Now, KHL games are played every other day. And we have the same schedule in the NHL. I have to chase after the puck. What kind of hockey is on TV?!

Well, the playoffs – then, I’ll see. God forbid, Ak Bars will make it happen. I will not miss these matches.

– The team was well received in Kazan, the base there is amazing.

– Yes, I remember it myself when I played there. Even back then it was an amazing place to develop players. Granted, they didn’t let me in Ak Bars back then. But I remember how kayfanul from the organizational level.

– Have you followed the Rangers closely this summer, how is the roster evolving there?

– Alice told me the news, which was exchanged, which was signed, back and forth. To be honest, I didn’t want to think about it. Here Ryan Strom will not be – but why talk about it in the summer? What can I change?

He lived ten days without communication in the forest. There, the worker had Wi-Fi in the locker room. But I don’t need him here. My friend Artem and I woke up at 4:30 am, an hour later we went fishing. We sat down with fishing rods, practiced, before 11 a.m. we had already done everything. It’s the day! The beauty!

What Internet? What’s new?! Then they went – they ate handfuls of strawberries in the forest. The face is red from the juice, the soul is happy.

– What are your future plans?

– At the end of July, I was going to fly to New York. It’s time to train, especially there is no time.

– Did they build a house there? Everything is fine?

– There, near New York, everything is fine. And the house is finished, and there’s a throwing area. And when the season starts, everything will be fine. Too bad the summer went by so quickly. But it’s time to get back to hockey.

Source : MatchTV

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