Andrei Markov: “I am responsible for the defense and the majority at Spartak. As long as you love it”

Andrei Markov: “I am responsible for the defense and the majority at Spartak.  As long as you love it”

Famous defender, world champion‑2008 Andrei Markov in a conversation with a correspondent, he spoke about his first coaching steps at Spartak and noted that the coaching staff still had a lot of work ahead of them.

On Sunday “Spartacus” to beat “Siberia” in Moscow in the Fonbet KHL championship game (1:0). The only goal of this meeting was scored by Red-White striker Dmitry Kugryshev. Spartak goalkeeper Patrick Ribar stopped 31 shots.

— While I am still immersed in the process of managing the team, — said Markov. – There is a lot of work to do. In our head office, each specialist has his own function.

– You, as I understand it, are responsible for defense?

– With Evgeny Perov. And also for the work of the team in the majority. There is enough work.

– You scored a lot yourself for the most part. Are you able to transfer this experience to current players?

– In Spartak, skilled guys are now assembled. They also have their own supplies. But we are trying to communicate, I suggest something.

– Do you ever manage to look at the game through the eyes not of a hockey player, but of a coach?

– Hard to say. In general, I haven’t played for a long time, so as a player, I probably don’t watch. Away from that. Now there are so many advanced technologies.

– Do you like coaching work? However, it takes a long time. Hard work everyday.

Yes, it’s completely different here. When you’re a hockey player, you come to train and you go home. And now you have to come ahead, get ready. Then, after training, stay, watch the video, discuss something.

– Isn’t your head spinning with incompetence?

– Everything is fine. As long as I like it. Let’s see what happens next.

Andrey Markov started working in Spartak’s coaching staff this summer. He ended his playing career in 2020 at Lokomotiv.

Source : MatchTV

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