“We are on a new path of redistribution of the world.” Teryushkov offered to create an analogue of the KHL in football

“We are on a new path of redistribution of the world.”  Teryushkov offered to create an analogue of the KHL in football

Deputy of the State Duma Roman Tereshkov in an interview with a correspondent, he came up with the idea of ​​​​a unified football championship for clubs from Russia, Belarus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and other countries.

“We have been suspended for the time being” until further decision. Is there a possibility that with the admission of Crimean clubs into the Russian football system, we will eventually be eliminated?

As the 16th century English philosopher Francis Bacon said, hope is a good breakfast, but a very disgusting dinner. There will be no recovery, and this must be understood and accepted. Unfortunately, we have a number of sports officials and officials who believe that the situation before will return. What was before will never come back! We are on a new path of development of world civilization and, if you will, a new division of the world.

Sport is only a political tool. FIFA and UEFA use it very well. They have suspended our clubs and the national team and will not return. There should be no hope here.

We have to create our own perimeter, think about including those teams that play in Donetsk, Luhansk. A special military operation is going on there, but I’m sure a peaceful life will start there soon. There are clubs from Abkhazia. Negotiate more with other countries like Belarus, who are tired of FIFA and UEFA hegemony, but can play safely in the new global sporting space.

– In what sense Belarus?

– Belarus is also excluded. They have their championship, we have ours. You can do it together.

– Something like the Kontinental Hockey League?

— Yes, something like the KHL. It’s clear that they have a strong league and an increase in teams is a meaningless story. I am talking about the fact that Russia, Belarus, South Ossetia and Abkhazia can create their own new international organization, which will be joined by other countries that do not agree with the current international sports policy .

Source : MatchTV

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