“Coach SKA Rotenberg pays a lot of attention to detail” – Zhafyarov

“Coach SKA Rotenberg pays a lot of attention to detail” – Zhafyarov

Forward S.K.A. Damir Zhafyarov in an interview with , he talked about the team leader’s coaching style Romain Rotenberg and noted that he pays a lot of attention to detail.

Rotenberg became head coach of SKA in January. In the new season of the Fonbet Championship of the KHL, the team under his leadership won two wins in two games.

– What are the nuances of Roman Rotenberg’s coaching? Is it very demanding?

— Roman Borisovitch pays great attention to detail. After all, it’s an important part of hockey. It only seems from the outside that there is a big game going on. In fact, there are many nuances. And he devotes a lot of time to everyone. We all discuss it. That’s a big plus, because on the ice you should already know all those details. It brings results.

– Does Rotenberg have a European or American style of coaching?

– There is this and that. Every game is different. Sometimes you have to apply one tactic and in another match play completely differently.

– SKA has a great coaching staff. How do all these recognized specialists manage the team?

– Everyone has their own task. Someone is responsible for the majority, someone for the minority. Someone is for building a team in equal compositions, someone is for rolling.

Every coach wants to improve our game, bring his understanding to it. I think that will help us a lot.

Zhafyarov’s stats this season are 1+1. In May, the 28-year-old hockey player signed a two-year contract with SKA. Last season in the KHL, Zhafyarov scored 45 points (18+27) in 47 games for Torpedo with a utility rating of +9.

Source : MatchTV

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