“I don’t think I clicked at a speed of 200 km/h” – Provolnev

Defender CSKA Vladislav Provolnev after the winning goal against Vityaz (4-2), in an interview with , he commented on his dropped puck.

– Probably, you clicked on the puck, scattering it at 200 km/h.

– No, well, 200 km / h, probably not. Yes, we agreed before the throw-in who does what. I was taken to the throw – I hit and hit.

How do you train your click? It really is a gun.

– Yes, after each training we stay, we stop. All defenders do that.

– What can you say about the game?

We didn’t have a good start, we were losing. Then they moved the game to another area. The technical staff asked us to get on the net more often, to play more strictly in defense. That’s what happened. And of course I want to congratulate Prokhor Poltapov on his first KHL goal.

– Who has the loudest click in your memory?

— Yes, all defenders know how to click. It is clear that Zdeno Hara is very good at this.

– Do you want to go to the “Star Game” and take part in the click contest?

– I have no idea. Wait and watch. But such a dream, of course, exists.

– You returned from the NHL less than a year ago. Did you do everything correctly?

– Of course, I don’t regret anything I gave back. On the contrary, I won the Gagarin Cup. And just happy.

— You brought the Gagarin Cup to Voronezh.

– Yes, these are always pleasant moments that will not be forgotten for a lifetime. Emotions are only positive!

Source : MatchTV

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