Vyacheslav Butsaev: “We will play with Torpedo – I will ask Larionov what is the secret of his cooking”

Head Coach”Vityaz » Vyacheslav Butsaev after being defeated by CSKA (2:4) in the KHL Championship Fonbet answered the question about nutrition and team preparation for games.

“We didn’t manage to play exactly every 60 minutes,” Butsaev told reporters. – In some places we played well and even managed to score 2:2. We had three or four 100% moments. But we didn’t use them. And the opponent is what we expected, then we got him. A very mobile team with good play, no skating.

But when we did it right, as agreed, we had no problems. And as soon as we started to do something our way, the opponent immediately latched onto it and took the lead.

– It looked like Vityaz wasn’t ready for the speed offered by CSKA in the third period.

– I do not agree with you. I repeat that after the score 2:2 there was a segment where we had an advantage. But you don’t score – they score you. This rule worked.

– Why did you replace goalkeeper Dmitry Shikin?

– He kept us in the game, but the optional fourth goal… We did the right thing, which was to let the other goalkeeper feel the game (Maxim Dorozhko). And they didn’t want Dmitry to give up. I think it’s the right decision.

– Explain, what is the reason for such a sparkling start for Vityaz in the league? Maybe you did a light pre-season, that’s why you fly like that now? So they say, for example, about Larionov’s torpedo.

– You understand that in the regular season there are 68 matches, and the team must be physically ready. Here we count the hens in the spring. Probably, every person, including an athlete, starts working to win. Psychology must work first. We have to think, not how can we win, but just go and win. This is the main point.

Maybe we don’t have such a long bench as CSKA. But in sport, everything is decided by competition, and that above all.

– In this championship, in general, many unexpected teams draw. Does the salary cap work?

“There is no single reason. I have my own opinion, I will not express it. But I agree with you that this championship will be unpredictable.

– Igor Larionov feeds his wards with salad. And what do you feed “Vityaz”?

Our menu has not changed since last season. Soon we will play with Torpedo – I will ask Igor Nikolayevich in detail what the secret of his cooking is. I hope he shares and speaks. And decide what? Game discipline, physical condition, charge to fight and win every game, so that there is a team, so that everyone together can correctly assess failures and victories, – said Butsaev.

Source : MatchTV

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