The Russian Ice Hockey Federation has created a new team – “Russia 25”.

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“On the evening devoted to the 1972 Super Series, we again talked about the participants of the Channel One Cup – 2022. These will be our friends – the teams of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Of course, this will not happen without our national team. There will be another team that fans have already seen in Sochi – a team of young stars from our country. We have given it the name “Russia 25”. It will feature young players with the prospect of becoming the face of our hockey, going to the 2026 Olympics. At first, we called this team Russia U25, thus limiting the age of its participants, but then we decided not to link the composition criterion to the ‘age.

It is clear that the main backbone of this team is the youth. The number 25 is, on the one hand, a symbol of youth, on the other hand, this age in hockey is already associated with a strong player who has the prospect of becoming a mature master, a real star. Our designers have developed a special logo for this team. It will have its own form, its own unique and well-recognized style. Now, while there are no full-fledged international tournaments, we must work even harder to popularize hockey and bring attention to it. Promote our young stars not only by their appearance and new merchandise, but also by brilliant and creative play. Namely, this kind of hockey will be instilled in this team.

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The new team will be another important link in strengthening the pyramid of the national team system: from junior juniors to the national team. There are fewer legionnaires in the KHL, but the confidence in young players by inertia is still not so high. Our new team – “Russia 25” – will help many promising hockey players to truly open up, demonstrate their strengths, convince coaches of KHL clubs to trust them more, turn them into real leaders. It is in such a team that the future star will receive an extra boost to become a real star thanks to our approach, the work of everyone: doctors, physical trainers, position coaches and other highly qualified FHR specialists. The head coach of this team will be Roman Rotenberg.

In May, “Russia 25” will go on a tour across the country. I’m sure our fans will love the new team,” Vladislav Tretyak is quoted by the official FHR website.

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