Urmanov – about Valieva’s jumps after skating in Kazan: “I don’t remember anything like that. This is not the case in our sport.”

1994 Olympic champion Alexei Urmanov, commenting on on the figure skater’s attempts Kamila Valieva to perform a quadruple sheepskin coat after a free skate at the Russian Grand Prix in Kazan, said he didn’t remember anything like it.

Valieva won the Kazan stage on Sunday. The figure skater did not submit to the quarter sheepskin coat during the “arbitrary” rental, nor did she perform the jump twice after the official part of the performance. Later, choreographer Ilya Averbukh told the media that he considered Valieva’s jumps after the hire superfluous, because “competitions are not a show, there are regulations for them.”

“To be honest, I don’t recall such a precedent for someone doing something like this. Let me put it mildly: in fact, that’s not how we do it. In the competitive practice, which lasted quite a few years, I don’t remember.

Have you ever seen that during a diving tournament, after an unsuccessful attempt, an athlete climbs up the tower and makes another jump? Is such an option possible? Therefore, it is not customary to do this,” Urmanov told .

Source : MatchTV

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