American volleyball player “Zenith” Anderson spoke about the meaning of his tattoos

American volleyball player “Zenith” Anderson spoke about the meaning of his tattoos

St. Petersburg volleyball playerZenith » and the American team Matthew Anderson in an interview with , he opened up about the significance of his tattoos, noting that several of them are dedicated to family.

In September, Anderson joined the St. Petersburg club. Previously, he already played in the Russian championship – in 2012-2019 for Zenit Kazan.

Tell me about your tattoos. Have any new ones appeared, which do you consider the most important, what do they mean?

– I have quite a few tattoos. On the forearm I added tattoos dedicated to my family. The deer is for me, the bear is for my wife, the cub is for my son, and the fox is for my daughter.

Family is the closest and dearest thing in my life. I make most decisions based on their wants and needs, so almost all tattoos are dedicated to family.

However, there are a few tattoos dedicated to volleyball. For example, a tattoo about the London Olympics. Depicted the Tower Bridge, and below – the Olympic rings. The London Olympics were the first of my life. I also want to add Rio and Tokyo Olympics themed tattoos.

– You played for Zenit Kazan for many years, now it will be one of the main rivals. How will you feel in court against them?

– In the match against Kazan “Zenith” he spent only 5-6 minutes. It was not easy, because the memories of the club and having played there are still etched in my memory.

We were one of the best teams in Russia and in the world. I still have warm feelings for this team. However, during the match, I think about the team I’m currently playing for, Anderson said in an interview with .

Anderson is 35 and has a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Source : MatchTV

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