“Kolyada is a very brilliant diamond. But it’s hard to deal with” – Alexei Mishin

“Kolyada is a very brilliant diamond.  But it’s hard to deal with” – Alexei Mishin

figure skating coach Alexei Mishin in an interview with , he said that he hadn’t come up with as many novelties with an athlete as he had with Mikhail Kolyada and also noted the talent of the skater.

Kolyada joined the Mishin group in June 2020. The figure skater was unable to compete in the 2022 Olympics due to testing positive for coronavirus.

– Mikhail Kolyada came to your group as a well-known mature athlete. Was it a challenge for you?

– Probably, without any other athlete, I was forced to come up with as many new things as I invented with him. This diamond is the most difficult to cut.

– What is the difficulty?

— Kolyada is a very brilliant diamond. And the brilliance of his talent is perhaps even higher than my knowledge of figure skating.

– Mikhail went through a lot of hardships during his career, but the pinnacle of everything was the failure to qualify for the 2022 Olympics. What were your actions?

“We settled the situation with him. Misha realized it wasn’t because he skated badly. This is how the stars are aligned in the sky. Disease… latent covid, then open covid. It’s much more offensive when a person doesn’t make it to the Olympics or something doesn’t happen to them, because someone did something bad and mean. And here there were no bad and mean actions towards him,” Mishin told .

Kolyada is 27 years old, he is the silver medalist of the 2018 Olympics in team competition.

Source : MatchTV

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