Volynets, Kiryukhantsev, Mudrik and the whole team of the 13th round of the Premier League

Volynets, Kiryukhantsev, Mudrik and the whole team of the 13th round of the Premier League

Sport Arena names the symbolic team of the next UPL round of the 2022/23 season

Goalkeeper – Evgeny Volynets (Kolos)

The Dynamo pupil, as a goalkeeper for football of the highest domestic level, already took place in Colosse – it was from the Kovalev club that he received his debut call to the national team of Ukraine. In the match against the club, in which he went all the way, Volynets gave such a strong game that he deserved compliments from Lucescu. He parried five blows performed by Sidorchuk, Tsygankov, Kabaev, Lonveik. The main thing is that he withstood the pressure that allowed the Kovalevsky team to defend a goalless draw at the Lobanovsky stadium. It seems that Colossus is becoming one of the most uncomfortable opponents for Dynamo.

Right back – Ivan Trubochkin (FC Minai)

We put the versatile all-rounder of Transcarpathians to the right – it’s good to have such a player as Trubochkin, because Ivan successfully replaced the injured Honchar before the break, coped with the constant raids of the swift attacking Rukh players, and also scored a chic return goal after a free kick. It was Trubochkin’s rounding shot in the top nine that brought the away draw to the Minais, which was successfully rolled under the blow of the ball by Nemchaninov.

Central defender – Vladislav Baboglo (FC Alexandria)

The match against Veres is suddenly one of the most difficult of the season for the Alexandrians. Let’s not hide, there were gross mistakes, and especially in defense. However, the players of the home team (and here we are also talking about Miroshnichenko’s magnificent free kick) compensated for their mistakes with dedication and creativity. For example, the center back Baboglo gave two assists – a chic long pass to Tsurikov’s move and the connection of Avagimyan for the winning goal, which already allows us to evaluate his contribution to the spectacular victory positively.

Central defender – Vitaly Ermakov (Chernomorets)

First of all, we are talking about Yermakov’s high-quality defense work – the Lviv city dwellers, led by ex-Odessa Bugay, could not cause trouble to Chernomorets, and Vitaliy himself was effective in assists, martial arts, tackles and rebounds. And also Ermakov played great in the air – both at his own and at the gates of others. He could score even in the first half, opening the scoring after an hour of play. The victory became a well-deserved reward for the inhabitants of Odessa.

Left back – Vasily Kravets (Vorskla)

“I feel proud of the team,” Skrypnyk, head coach of the Poltava team, said after the match with Dnepr-1 (1:1). This fully applies to one of the most successful newcomers to Vorskla – Kravets. He adequately resisted his counterpart on the flank, and also turned out to be one of the most dangerous players in the nominal host team in attack. Even in the first half, he participated in several sharp attacks and could score, and after the break he equalized after a corner kick from Yurchenko. A draw with the leader is a good and even really honorable result for the current status of these two teams.

Central midfielder – Artem Gabelok (Metalist 1925)

Gabi generally led the game of his team in the match against Ingulets, he could score by himself (recall the moment when the opponents took the ball out of the goal line). When the guests were in the lead, just the corners from Artem helped Edmar’s wards to win their first victory after the change of head coach. Gabelok rightly wears the captain’s armband – he is the leader of the team and on the field.

Right midfielder – Igor Kiryukhantsev (Dawn)

The match against Shakhtar is a great “showcase” for any player, especially for someone who was in his squad not long ago and couldn’t get into the starting lineup. Kiryukhantsev played with courage against the Pitmen. First, he closed Danchenko’s serve, then, tearing apart his opponents, he gave out a convenient assist under Buletsa’s blow. “Goal + pass” in the match with the grandee is a sign of quality, and add bright feints here, Igor’s new disclosure in the place of the right striker and the most productive season in his career.

Attacking midfielder Alexander Pikhalenok (SC Dnepr-1)

Now Pikhalyonok demonstrates a high class of football – the highest among his colleagues for his role in the Premier League. Even in the match with Vorskla, which the leaders didn’t succeed at all, Alexander stood out on the field. He opened the scoring on the rebound after Dovbik’s shot (even had to use VAR to verify the goal), and later he combined so well with Artem that each of them could score several times. Pikhalyonok himself was still in the standing position.

Left midfielder – Mikhail Mudryk (Shakhtar)

Even in the match against Zorya – one of the strongest possible opponents in the modern UPL – Mudryk is already playing in class. The reactive winger could score on his own, but he turned out to be more successful in the side. It was after his corner that Traore dropped the ball under Bondarenko’s goal, later lined a low pass under Bondar’s exact blow. Note that there were several moments at once, where Mikhail’s actions significantly aggravated the game.

Forward – Yuriy Klimchuk (Rukh)

Swift Klimchuk in the match against the Minai constantly ran away from the tutelage of his opponents. It was he who earned and converted a penalty at the very beginning of the match (later he claimed another one), and later, in constant interaction with Talles, Solomon and Karabin, he was a participant in several more surprisingly sharp episodes. Could score more – the ball darted, touching the outer side of the net.

Forward – Nazar Voloshin (Kryvbas)

The left forward of Krivorozhan scored a good move. In the match against Kharkiv, Nazar participated in several quick attacks of nominal guests, often joined the fight (he even received a yellow card), and also scored the winning goal. Voloshin completed a three-move with the participation of Dibango and Kapich with a powerful accented shot into the far corner. It seems that Vernydub is hinting to Dynamo Kyiv that it was far from necessary to look for reinforcements…

Team of the 13th round of the UPL. Sport Arena illustration
Tour coach – Yaroslav Vishnyak (Kolos)

Despite the significant advantage of the rivals in possession of the ball, the number and accuracy of shots, the Kovalev club once again took points from Dynamo, initiating even a rather tangible derby that the grandee cannot deny. Thanks to the coaching staff led by Vishniac, the Kovalevites had a good game, which was noted even by Mircea Lucescu: “Kolos is one of the most aggressive teams in our league in terms of tackling the ball, defending and destroying.”

Joker of the tour – Denis Kostyshin (FC Alexandria)

An excellent round for jokers: Voitihovsky from Odessa, Trubochkin from Minana and Kostyshyn from Alexandria scored against their opponents. Congratulations to all three players – these are important goals both for their teams and for them personally, but we will highlight the player involved in the most emotional moment of this tour. In the sixth stoppage minute of the second half, Kostyshyn Jr. scored the winning goal against Veres, closing the dramatic home match with a 3-2 victory. With an excellent selection of players in the middle line, Denis fights with worthy competitors for every game minute, and a goal against the Rovno team is his serious trump card in the future.

The best young player of the tour – Nazar Voloshin (Kryvbas)

Our applause to the coaching staff of Kryvbas, which very well reveals one of the most talented players of the Dynamo youth team of recent years. Voloshin scored at the age of 19 with the third goal of the season – how many players from Kiev score so many? At the same time, Nazar is constantly expanding his tactical range, learning to play widely for the team. From Kapic’s pass, the second-youngest goalscorer of the 2022/23 season scored the winning goal against Metalist.

The best legionnaire of the tour – Rifet Kapic (Kryvbas)

Bosnian Kapić played (and quite successfully) under the leadership of Vernydub in Sheriff, now he managed to strengthen Kryvbas, headed by a well-known coach. Rifet really added new notes to the tactical formations of the Krivoy Rog people. Somewhat reminiscent of Christian Ilic, and even more – with a good split pass, vision of the field and a sense of the rhythm of the game, Kapic adds creativity and intelligence to the combinations of black-white-red.

Hero of the tour – Igor Kiryukhantsev (Dawn)

How to play against your native club, which turned out to be (temporarily?) not needed? Yes, to remember you! Zorya took away points from the Pitmen, while Kiryukhantsev scored a goal and an assist against Shakhtar. Didn’t celebrate!

Source: Sportarena

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