/ Figure Skating. Former Russian figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova has shared her thoughts on world champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s plans to perform a quadruple jump during competitions. Bobrova believes that Tuktamysheva is already ready to execute this element.

“She is brilliant at training with the quad toe loop, but she needs competitive experience to try it out with the program judges.

A show jumping tournament is the perfect way to try it out. And she will do it once or twice, she will understand that in front of the public, in costume, with judges, in a competitive environment, when there is still this adrenaline, she adapts to it, which means that it will be a lot easier for her to try to do it at program competitions.

Will she set it up for the Russian championship? It seems to me that it will come from the course of the jumping tournament. If she understands that yes I can, the next step will be – I’ll take care of a short one.

Tuktamysheva said when she will include a quadruple sheepskin coat in the program

A decision will be made: will she take this risk or not? But I really want Lisa to really gain some confidence in this jump. I saw on the video: it’s not difficult for her to do this,” Bobrova said in the “Championship” podcast “Skate Move”.

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