Athletistic / Figure skating The choreographer of the Tutberidze group, Aleksey Zheleznyakov, in his telegram channel commented on the critical attacks on him due to plans to visit Donetsk and Luhansk to conduct charity master classes.

“I want to tell you something. While some people have such garbage (the word was changed for ethical reasons – approx. Athletistic) in my head, it will never end, hate begets hate. I sincerely feel sorry for these people, they do not see an elemental ray of light through which you can get out of dark and smelly sewer tunnels.

Even a trip with the kids has become a pain in the ass for you. Tell me: what is the difference between a Ukrainian child and a Russian, an African and a Norwegian, an Italian and a Bulgarian, an Arab and a Slav, a Chechen and an Armenian, etc. Nothing, nothing different, your empty heads!

We go to the children – to the children who have suffered for eight years, who need to feel care and love, to understand that they are not alone and to support them, to give them a mood and touch a bright future they lost while sitting in their basements. And if you don’t understand that, then you have definitely lost your human essence.

Now we are going to the Donbass, and when the hostilities cease, we will go to other cities in Ukraine to please the children, and you walk further through your dark and stinking corridors”