“In almost all sports, Asian federations will benefit from the participation of Russian athletes” – Dmitry Svishchev

Head of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports Dmitry Svishchev in a conversation with a correspondent, he expressed his belief that Asian federations would benefit from the participation of Russian athletes under their auspices in almost all competitions.

Former member of the Bureau of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and President of the FSM Vladimir Salnikov “” reported on the appeal of the possibility of Russian participation in water sports in Asian tournaments.

– I have two opinions on this. On the one hand, the level of European tournaments is the highest. We all fully understand that Europe today is a competitive field of activity for our athletes. It is clear that there are no strong Americans, Australians and other athletes, but still in Europe the competitive environment is quite serious when it comes to swimming.

Asia’s history is less competitive, but in today’s difficult situation, we have to create conditions for our athletes. Athletes train and participate in national tournaments in order to enter the national team and represent the country’s interests in international competitions.

Our colleagues from international and European federations of various sports have decided that they do not want to compete with the Russians, although as far as I know this is temporary. Of course, this is a politicized opinion based on a biased attitude towards everything related to Russia and Belarus. On top of everything, pressure from Mr. Bach, who says we should be allowed, but recommends that we not be allowed. I’m already confused, to be honest, what his opinion is. He himself must decide, and then make official statements. In fact, I still don’t understand how feasible the idea of ​​moving to Asia is. We heard Dyukov also say that the RFU will consider this issue.

As is known, after the Ural Mountains, Asia begins in Russia. We fully understand that it is possible to participate both there and there purely geographically. There are some possibilities for this. However, there are questions about how to do it technically. Our main task is to obtain the admission of athletes to the competition. If it can be done just by moving to Asia, then why not? But we are aware that not everyone will accept us with hugs. Several Asian countries are on the list of unfriendly. They supported the sanctions against Russia, including in sports. It is not that simple.

However, our WFTU colleagues are not content with making such statements. I think preliminary consultations and discussions have taken place. We wish them success.

It should be noted that the participation of Russian athletes will benefit Asian federations in almost all sports. It will really raise the bar in many sports. Even rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, football, swimming… In almost all sports where Russians compete at the highest level, our participation will be beneficial. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that all the Asian federations are under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. And here the pressure will not decrease,” Svishchev told .

The Russians have been suspended from participating in competitions under the auspices of FINA amid the situation in Ukraine.

Source : MatchTV

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