Sofia Pozdnyakova on motivation problems on the Moscow Saber: “That’s it, the problem is over!”

The issue of motivation in domestic competitions was resolved at the Moscow Saber tournament, the two-time Olympic fencing champion told . Sofia Pozdnyakova .

On Sunday, Pozdnyakova, as part of the Novosibirsk region team, won the Moscow Saber tournament, defeating the Moscow team in the final. Two days earlier, Pozdnyakova did not win a prize in the individual championship, and after the competition she admitted that she was morally affected by the non-admission of Russian fencers to international competitions.

– In fact, the semi-final was very emotional for us. They won, they lost, and it seems that I left all the emotions there. In the very final, she swam herself, but the girls of the team supported her, and the scenario of the Spartakiad, which took place here, somewhat repeated itself. During the fight, I managed to reorganize myself, and already in the final duel with Svetlana Sheveleva, the blows began to apply on their own. I am very happy that today I am standing on a pedestal, because yesterday I did not have enough,” Pozdnyakova told a correspondent.

“Do you like the tournament?”

– Everything is very cool. Beautiful room, everything sparkles, music plays. There are not enough international competitions, so I am very happy that there is an opportunity to organize such tournaments. And even more gratitude to Irina Aleksandrovna (Wiener) that there is an opportunity to do fencing in her hall, and even the second time in a year.

– After personal interviews on the motivation…

– Everything, the question is closed! (Laughs.) In fact, yesterday I came to the boys’ competitions and in the evening I felt: I really want to fencing. Although even the day before it seemed that all was lost somewhere. Also, teams are a completely different competition. There is a responsibility, sometimes this responsibility presses, but here, on the contrary, it stimulates. I fought for the team, dragged it where I could, and the girls dragged me. It’s good that we’re together.

Source : MatchTV

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