“Titova has a chance to beat Valieva in the show jumping tournament” – Popova

The 13-year-old figure skater Sofia Titova there are chances to win the olympic champion Kamil Valiev in the Russian show jumping championship, choreographer Betina Popova told .

On Sunday, St. Petersburg will host the Russian show jumping championship. The personal tournament will be played under the playoff system. In each round, the athlete will face an opponent – he will perform two solo jumps of his choice. The athlete with the most points will advance to the next stage.

– What are the expectations of the Sofia Titova – Kamila Valieva and Sofia Akatieva – Veronika Zhilina confrontations at the show jumping tournament?

– I expect a very spectacular performance. Predictions are hard to make because quadruple jumps are ultra-so. A lot will depend on the quality of the jumps, and these girls have it phenomenally. Stability of running an item in a program and just running separately are two different things. It is not clear how much an athlete can come together for a first time attempt. Therefore, the competitions of the Russian Championship in show jumping will be very interesting, and not only in these duets, but also in all others.

– Does Titova have a chance of winning against Valieva?

“Of course it is,” Popova told .

Source : MatchTV

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