/ Figure Skating. Olga Shevtsova, the first coach of Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova, told how she remembered the athlete as a child. Trusova at the Beijing Olympics (China) became the silver medalist.

“Sasha Trusova studied with me for three years. When she came to me with other four-year-olds, she could not do anything. The first training sessions were remembered with bitter tears.

Imagine a large, bright arena, empty bleachers, with no relatives around. Many children, including Sasha, were distraught, looking through their parents’ eyes …

I paid attention to Sasha from the first training sessions: she had very good physical preparation, for a four-year-old child this is a rarity. She was a strong and very agile girl. Perhaps it was due to the fact that his father was a sportsman in the past.

Of course, when a child plays sports for a year or two, it is impossible to predict what his success will be in the future. You can only see the ability, certain character inclinations. So Sasha, even in training, always wanted to be the first and only the first, ”quotes the World of Figure Skating the words of the coach.

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