/ Figure Skating. The champion of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing (China) Anna Shcherbakova spoke about her attitude to media activity. The athlete admitted that she does not like to discuss sensitive topics.

Shcherbakova shot a new video and told how she spent her vacation. VIDEO

“I’ve had so many interviews already that sometimes it feels like I’ve said everything I can about myself, ha ha.

At first I was generally embarrassed to give interviews – I was 13, maybe younger, plus everyone is different… Well, that touched me so much.

So far I have this: I try not to say too much. It would be better for me if they didn’t talk about me, rather than my words causing some sort of negative resonance.

I’m not talking about controversial topics that can be interpreted differently. I always answer sincerely, but I don’t like provocative questions and I have the right to avoid them,” Shcherbakova said. “The World of Figure Skating”.