Athletistic/ Figure Skating. On Wednesday, December 21, the main figure skaters of the Russian national team held a series of the short program in Krasnoyarsk, where the forum of the country’s strongest figure skaters will begin tomorrow.

The women will present the short program on December 23.

Sofia Akatieva skated a free program with the following set of elements: a triple axel, two quadruple toe loops, as well as a triple flip and a triple salchow cascading through an oiler.

Current Russian champion Kamila Valieva also performed two quadruple sheepskin coats in the free race.

Alexandra Trusova, considered one of the favorites of the competition, entered two quadruple lutz in the race: the first she touched the ice with her hand, the second she made a “butterfly”, after which the skater attempted to jump again, but fell.

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