“Shcherbakova doesn’t feel like she ever cremated Alina Zagitova” – Vaitsekhovskaya

Olympic figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova doesn’t feel she owes anyone, like she did with Alina Zagitova says Elena Vaitsekhovskaya, Olympic diving champion and RT journalist.

– Following the results of yesterday’s sports forum, I thought that its main and simultaneously the best athlete of the 2022 Olympics, Anya Shcherbakova, is unique even in her post-sports incarnation. She, unlike all her predecessors since 2014, is not trying to convince fans that she will return to the sport. She doesn’t try to declare that she’s “about” to start her regular workouts. She, finally, does not hide the fact that she really loves her current life and the truly unlimited current possibilities to develop in any direction. In a word, Shcherbakova behaves absolutely naturally, as a person who has won major titles should behave, quotes RT Vaitsekhovskaya.

She also added why fans don’t feel the loss of an athlete’s absence from the competition.

– And most importantly, Anya does not even have the feeling that Alina Zagitova at some point cremated that she owes someone something. For example – to return at any cost. I believe that’s why we don’t have a sense of loss or a desire to pity the athlete. It is impossible to feel sorry for a person who is so happy. Good luck Anya! noted Vaytsekhovskaya.

At the Beijing Olympics in 2022, 18-year-old Shcherbakova won gold in individual skating. Zagitova became the champion of the Games in 2018.

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