“My sports results will be more important than those of Dzyuba” – volleyball player Kobzar

St. Petersburg volleyball player “Zenith” Igor Kobzar in an interview with Metaratings.ru compared his achievements with the merits of the former football striker “Zenith” Artem Dziuba .

– Has anyone ever told you that you look like him in any way? Charisma, leadership qualities, ability to give flash interviews during major tournaments…

Nobody talked about it and that’s good. I don’t really like this comparison. I don’t know him personally, but it seems to me he’s more outrageous and outrageous (laughs).

– Well, who is cooler – Kobzar or Dziuba?

– A complicated problem. If we talk about who is the most shocking and famous, then Dziuba. If you look at sports scores, then mine will be heavier (smiles).

On November 3, Dzyuba left Turkish club Adana Demirpor, for which he managed to play five matches and score one goal.

Kobzar is a Tokyo Olympics silver medalist, two-time Volleyball Nations League winner and three-time Champions League winner.

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Source : MatchTV

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