Kryukov said he no longer works with the Chinese national ski team

Olympic champion Nikita Kriukov told that he no longer works with the Chinese cross-country ski team, which he has coached since 2020.

The Russian’s contract ended after the Beijing Games. Then Kryukov signed a new deal.

– The cooperation with the Chinese team is over. After the Olympics, a contract was signed between us, and quite long – four years. But something has changed. It didn’t just affect me, but also all the coaches who worked with the ski team. It did not depend on nationality,” Kryukov told .

– Why did this happen?

– The East is a delicate matter, I cannot comment on it in any way, they have their own positions.

– What are your plans now?

– I will be in Russia, I will look for work.

– In the spring, they talked about a possible invitation to the group of Yuri Kaminsky, who works in the men’s biathlon team. Are there such conversations now?

– Now that the season has already started, no one will change horses on the way. Most teams are probably already staffed. And after? We’ll see. I will develop my academy. I have experience, especially in China I have acquired a lot of experience.

Source : MatchTV

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