“I didn’t think it would happen so soon” – Patskevich on men’s synchronized swimming at the 2024 Olympics

Three-time Olympic synchronized swimming champion Alexandra Patskevich admitted that she was surprised at how quickly to make a decision about men in the groups at the Olympics already in 2024.

Earlier, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved the relevant rule, men will be able to make their Games debut in this sport already in Paris.

“I can only congratulate Alexander Maltsev, who began to hope to become an Olympic champion,” Patskevich told . – Another question: what decision will Tatyana Nikolaevna (Pokrovskaya) take? Now, according to the rules, there is no reserve and you cannot enter it in a single composition. Here the decision is up to the head coach, as far as possible for the Russian team. It is a milestone in the history of men’s synchronized swimming. To be honest, I didn’t think it would happen so quickly, discussions about mixed groups at the official level have appeared recently. Some decisions have been waiting for years, but here everything was decided in such a short time.

– The story with mixed duos has been postponed.

– It’s an extra medal. Other species were also not added separately. And the acrobatic group emerged as the third program for a medal. Now, by the way, it turns out that if Sasha joins the group, he will have to perform in three programs.

Source : MatchTV

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