Athletistic/Figure Skating. December 23 will be the second day of the Russian Figure Skating Championships. The men will go out on the ice second, they will perform a free program.

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The men’s short program offered the audience excellent performances and the judges did not skimp on the high marks. The winner Pyotr Gumennik beat 100 points, in the top 10 there was no one who had less than 90 points. And each of these 9 athletes can claim victory today, because the gaps are simply minimal. Yes, Gumennik has a few more chances, but Yevgeny Semenenko is also close, who missed the hundred points by less than a point. Andrey Mozalev, Matvey Vetlugin, Alexander Samarin, Artyom Kovalev, Makar Ignatov, Ilya Yablokov are also very close.

Mark Kondratyuk, after an injury at the Russian Cup stage in Samara, entered the short program, but fell from almost every jump and took only 12th place. After that, Mark decided it wasn’t worth the risk, so as not to further aggravate the injury, he withdrew from the tournament. Logical decision, he no longer fought for victory. It should be noted that immediately after Mark, his girlfriend Alexandra Trusova also played for medical reasons. For the Krasnoyarsk tournament, it’s a defeat.

Figure skating. Russian Championship. Men. Free program. Direct

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