“It would be difficult to impose a fight against the temperature in women’s skating” – Enbert on the withdrawal of Trusova from the Czech Republic

Figure skater, silver medalist at the PyeongChang Olympics Alexandre Enbert in a conversation with , he expressed regret for the withdrawal Alexandra Trousova of the Russian championship.

Trusova withdrew from the Russian Figure Skating Championship for medical reasons.

– I learned from the news that Trusova will miss the Russian championship due to illness. I recently had the flu myself and wouldn’t like to mess with it. Of course, I would like to see Sasha at the Russian Championships, but here health costs more. There are times when you can force yourself to speak, there are times when it is almost impossible. It would be difficult to impose a fight against temperature and weakness with such complex content in women’s skating. Although, of course, it’s a shame.

It always seems to the athlete that he can, that he will endure. You prove it to the manager, you say: “It will be fine, I can handle it.” But these estimates are often not very objective. Nor can the coach always correctly assess the condition of the athlete. Yes, the injuries are aggravated, as in the case of Kondratyuk, but it seems to me not to try even more offensively.

You can choose a technique for any situation. Nina Mikhailovna Moser and I were preparing for the 2019 World Championships under very strict medical guidance, with pulse measurement, with very clear limits within which we can work. This training was not at all like our usual training, but, as the result showed, it was not so bad – we skated cleanly with Natalia [Забияко] short and free programs. So it’s not worth filming in advance – you can always try,” Enbert told .

The Krasnoyarsk tournament started on December 22. Friday single skaters must present their short programs. Before that, the first rounds of medals will be played at the championship – for dance couples and for men.

Source : MatchTV

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