“Trusova’s absence is a loss for herself, not for the Russian championship” – Tarasova

Absence of an Olympic medalist Alexandra Trousova in the Russian figure skating championship, it is a loss for herself, and not for the women’s tournament, there is someone to skate there, the honored coach of the USSR told Tatiana Tarasova .

Trusova withdrew from the Russian Championship in Krasnoyarsk for medical reasons. Friday single skaters must present their short programs. Mark Kondratyuk, dance couples Irina Khavronina / Dario Chirizano and Valery Angelopol / Vasilisa Kaganovskaya also withdrew from the tournament early.

“A lot of people are sick at the moment. Once for medical reasons, that means they were being watched by a (team) doctor. Sasha and Mark could get sick together. I’m sick myself now and I’m at Moscow.

Is Trusova’s absence a serious loss for the women’s tournament?

– I think it’s a loss for herself, and not for the women’s tournament. There will be someone to ride there, Tarasova told .

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Source : MatchTV

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