Athletistic/ Figure Skating. On December 23, the second day of competition of the Russian Figure Skating Championship, which takes place in Krasnoyarsk, ended.

Medal winners in two types were determined – ice dance and men’s individual skating.

Elizaveta Khudaiberdiyeva and Yegor Bazin became the new champions of Russia among dance duets. On the men’s side, two skaters both scored the same number of points, but Evgeny Semenenko, who won the free program, won the gold medal.

The women entered the fight for the medals. Sofia Akatieva won the short program.

Figure skating. Russian Championship. Krasnoyarsk

ice dancing

  1. Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva / Egor Bazin (Moscow region – Samara region) – 203.46.
  2. Elizaveta Shanaeva / Pavel Drozd (Moscow) – 197.59.
  3. Elizaveta Pasechnik / Maxim Nekrasov (Moscow region) – 195.52.
  4. Sofia Tyutyunina / Andrey Bagin (Moscow) – 188.19.
  5. Ekaterina Mironova / Evgeny Ustenko (Saint Petersburg) – 180.01.
  6. Alexandra Prokopets / Alexander Vaskovich (Moscow) – 175.28.


  1. Evgeny Semenenko (St. Petersburg) – 295.07.
  2. Peter Gumennik (St. Petersburg) – 295.07.
  3. Alexander Samarin (Moscow) – 282.40.
  4. Dmitry Aliyev (St. Petersburg) – 272.57.
  5. Artyom Kovalev (Moscow) – 268.52.
  6. Andrey Mozalev (St. Petersburg) – 267.90.

Women. Short program

  1. Sofia Akatieva (Moscow) – 85.59.
  2. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (St. Petersburg) – 82.98.
  3. Sofia Muravyova (Moscow) – 79.96.
  4. Kamila Valieva (Moscow) – 76.61.
  5. Adelia Petrosyan (Moscow) – 76.25.
  6. Ksenia Sinitsyna (Moscow) – 74.89.
  7. Veronika Yametova (Sverdlovsk region) – 74.45.
  8. Sofia Samodelkina (Moscow) – 71.64.
  9. Anastasia Zinina (Moscow) – 71.40.

It is worth noting that in the women’s category, the current Russian champion Kamila Valieva showed only the 4th result in the short program. The fact is that the skater made a “butterfly” instead of an axis, having received 76.61 points from the judges. Camila now has a chance to rehabilitate in the free program, which will take place on December 24.

Valieva reacted to her performance as follows: “What to comment, an unusual ‘butterfly’ for me, what can I say. I don’t want to say ‘it happens’, but as I practiced it, it got I did it quickly, it turned out to be a “butterfly”. Let’s not dwell on it, tomorrow is a free program, which decides a lot. There was a lack of self-confidence, there was an idea of ​​not taking risks, but I have already taken the leap, it has already happened.

Quadruple toe loop? I skip it a bit longer, I showed it at the Grand Prix stage in Moscow. Axel at the six-minute show jumping tournament came and did it, but it’s not enough. Last year I fell off my first Axel in Finland. To me it seems trivial, but I don’t want to repeat it.

Here’s how the former Russian figure skater commented on Valieva’s performance Catherine Gerboldt: “Excitement, not excitement, I think Camila, in principle, is trying to get used to her new appearance, to her body. It is also felt.

In general, we see that the level of athletes is very high. Akatieva is a good guy today. But in any case, it is too early to draw conclusions. The free program is ahead, there are more elements, it is more expensive, so it can still evolve. A lot of people have a chance to compete for Russian championship gold, and we have to do that. Believe in yourself, go out and skate clean, and it’s not an athlete’s job to decide who’s first, who’s second, who’s best, who’s worst. However, everyone has to fight. First, with yourself.”

2012 World Championship Silver Medal Alena Leonova believes that Valieva can still win a gold medal: “It was clear that Valieva, most likely, went precisely to the triple jump, it is unlikely that she made a “butterfly” from a double jump. we should be happy that she didn’t fly that far in the rankings, because everyone was worthy, everyone was charged for the result, I think Camila was even lucky to some extent that she came in the last warm up But the odds of winning She’s good – the gaps are slim Yes they say the short program is half the battle but either way the focus is put on the free program, there will be quadruple jumps. But not only Kamila.”

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