Six dogs and two cats by Sasha Trusova. Meet the hostess!

Several times I have been asked to write about pets. So I can talk about my beloved dogs and cats all the time! Let’s start in order.

my first dog Tina. Its full name is Red Bourbon Baby Bounty. Now she is nine years old.

I always wanted a dog. As a child, I even had a street, that is, a homeless woman. I bought her food, a tick collar, a leash. But I wanted mine. I asked my parents, and they said that when I jumped a double axel, they would give me a present. We chose the breed with my mom and decided it would be a short-haired chihuahua. Dogs of this breed are very small, they do not need to be walked three times a day, they do not need to be taken to the groomer. As I travel a lot, we decided this was the best option.

We took Tina when she was two and a half months old. She weighed 700 g, was incredibly small. During the first week, we walked at night without taking our feet off the ground – we were afraid to step on them. Tina was very scared of everything and was shaking. Then she got used to it, but she hasn’t stopped shaking until now. Tina has the biggest wardrobe: from swimsuits to evening dresses. She even has competition outfits similar to mine. Tina does not go out often – when she feels like it or when she has a new fur coat. She is a very calm dog, there is no problem with her. When I go somewhere, she sits in a suitcase or her baby carrier so they don’t forget to take her with her.

My second dog lana. Full name – Iolanthe. The breed is a miniature poodle.

I was at the Youth Grand Prix in Kaunas. My mother and I often walked before competitions and on one of the walks we saw a red standard poodle playing with its owners. I took a picture with him, and I really wanted the same. Parents promised to give a poodle for a triple axel. I jumped – and began to choose a dog. I found a very beautiful and sweet girl, showed the whole family, and we decided to buy her. It turned out that the nursery is already in Veliky Novgorod! But we already fell in love with Lanochka and chased her with the whole family at night. When we arrived we were given several puppies to choose from. But Lana had already chosen us herself: she bit all the other puppies, showing that she really wanted to go with us. Of course, we took Lana and went home.

Lana is the smartest of all my dogs. Understands every word, knows many different commands. She is very dedicated. She does not tolerate loneliness, she cannot stay home alone. So she spends all the time with me three days a week (it’s Lana who is most often with me in training, on set, etc.).

In July, Lana had four puppies – when I was at training camp, that is, in the middle of Novogorsk. It turned out that the last two days I was there with seven dogs. I’ve always wanted to watch newborn puppies and see how they develop. Sometimes I got up to them at 6 a.m. because they wanted to eat and play, and Lana didn’t always want to go to them.

Caring for puppies is difficult, but interesting. I think I have chosen very good hosts. They send me pictures and I keep watching the puppies grow into beautiful dogs.

The third dog Jack. He’s Yegor’s brother’s dog. The breed is the Siberian Husky. Black and white color and blue eyes. He appeared with us during quarantine, when we moved to the countryside with the whole family. Jack lives on the street in an aviary, but often comes home, because he is very good at opening the door. Jack is the only boy of all the animals. In the winter he rides me and my brothers on a tube, and in the summer he cross-country skis with Yegor.

The fourth dog Alita. Basenji. It is a very old breed. I chose Alita for her look. Very nice short-haired dog. She’s not allergic, she doesn’t smell like dogs, she doesn’t need to be cut. She doesn’t bark. But Alita is a very mischievous and capricious dog. Only do what he wants. Nothing should be on the table, because if there is no one nearby, Alita will eat everything from there. She constantly bites all my other dogs and cats, walks on them, or chases them around the house. Jack is the only one she is weaker with, so they can play together.

Fifth dog – she. Her full name is Cruella. Named after its free program. Poodle tickup. Chinese breed (meaning it will fit in a teacup). But Ellochka eats a lot – and all my dogs control how much food they need – and she’s grown more than she should have. Although she is still very cute, like a toy. If you carry it in your arms in the store, passers-by will say, “We thought it was a toy.” Ella is also the most jealous. She believes there is no better dog than her, so everyone should love only her!

The sixth dog Selma. The breed is the Bichon Frize. It was given to me by Chinese fans for my birthday. The smallest of all my dogs (1.3 kg) and the quietest. Selma is the most convenient to take with you. The only thing is that it is snow white and needs to be washed often. Selma can’t walk properly – she always jumps around a bit, which is very unusual.

I also have two cats.

First – Chloe. We picked it up in Novogorsk. Someone just brought a box of kittens and put them at the entrance to the rink. We picked one up and took it home. Dad was against it at first, but when he saw her, he allowed it. On the way back, they found a name for it, it’s about the cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets”. We can say that it is more the cat of Yegor, he really wanted her.

Second – Kiara. The breed is Bengal. Incredible beauty! It was introduced by my masseuse Marina after the Olympics. I like dogs more than cats. But I really wanted a Bengal cat.

Now Jack, Alita, Chloe and Kiara live in a private house with my parents. And Tina, Lana, Ella and Selma are with me in the apartment.

I love all my animals very much. I think a dog is a very loyal and dedicated friend. Each of them is interesting in its own way, each has its own character and habits. It’s hard to notice and understand when you only have one dog. I can’t imagine life without any of them.

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