“We interfere with each other on the track, but the season is long, we will find out” – Bolshunov on the situation with Ustyugov

Three-time Olympic champion Alexander Bolshunov after winning second place in the classic sprint at the Russian Cup stage in Krasnogorsk, he spoke to reporters about the situation with Sergei Ustyugov .

The race was held on Sunday, Alexander Terentyev became the winner of the race. Bolshunov took second place, Ustyugov was fifth. After the finish, Ustyugov said Bolshunov acted “not humanely” by stepping on his skis.

How did you feel, how did you run? Ustyugov said today you were dancers on stage. Nothing bothered the dancers?

We mostly interfere with each other. Well, let’s decipher it, the season is long, there will still be where to compete. The bottom line is that today’s speeds were high. The final part was all together, fought.

— There are different opinions on the track. Did you manage to get there?

– A short distance, you won’t ride much. It bothers you that you arrive and are only ready for a 1.5 mile circle. The rest, it seems, they line up once a month. It’s a pity, because Moscow is nearby, there are a lot of people, the route must be accessible. Also, there is snow. But how things will turn out is unclear.

– You suddenly started cooking hamburgers, pies in the national team. Why would? Why don’t you cook at home then?

I also cook at home. And in the team, the doctor pushes. Either he has a waffle maker or something else. Come, he said, eat. I’m coming – and I have to prepare myself, take the initiative. Nothing, also a form of relaxation.

Source : MatchTV

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