A runner from Shubenkov’s group on the suspension of athletes: “Americans are running at home, why not us?”

A runner from Shubenkov’s group on the suspension of athletes: “Americans are running at home, why not us?”

Savely Savlukov, representing the Krasnodar and Altai Territories, won the 400 meters at the Russian Athletics Team Championships in Adler with a score of 45.74 seconds. Savlukov, training in the same group with the world hurdles champion Sergei Shubenkov did not leave the opponents a chance – the second result, which was shown by Maxim Fedyaev, is lower than Savely’s seconds by 0.32, which is a lot by the standards of the distance.

After the finish, Savely found it very difficult to retreat, he was shaking even after about 15 minutes, after all, the distance of 400 meters, which the 22-year-old athlete recently ran, takes all his strength , sometimes bringing him to a state of fainting. It was from there that the athlete began to communicate with journalists.

– The first start, it is very hot, there is no shade, I think there are a lot of people here, so it is normal. I was counting on this result, but it’s difficult to judge, I haven’t raced yet. In front of you is the Znamensky Memorial and the Sprint Festival, which will be held in Moscow, where you need to run closer to 45:20-45:30. Well, at the time of the Russian championship, I think we should be close to the Russian youth record of 45.12. The adult record, which is 44.60, you have understood, is still a long way off.

– If you take the youth record of Russia, what is missing?

– There is enough of everything, it’s just that you have to get to this level gradually, I keep the speed, I work the last part of the distance gently. As a rule, during the season I lose a second from the first start, so if you calculate logically, then for the Russian championship it should be about 44.80.

– Does this “Queen of Sports” series (which includes the Russian team championship) somehow replace the absence of international departures?

Everything motivates me. The Americans, meanwhile, are racing at home, posting high results, among the top 10 in the world rankings. Why can’t we race at home, at least at European top level? Therefore, the situation does not affect me yet, you can compare the results of rivals in absentia.

– At some point, comparing in absentia can get boring, right?

“I don’t think that will happen soon. Two or three years. The coach hopes that next year, God forbid, they will release him. But judging by what’s going on, I don’t think so. I don’t think about it, I do my job, I get paid for it.

– The prize money of this tournament, which was announced up to 50,000 to the winner, do you know when you will receive it?

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything. And I don’t know anything about the Spartakiad, which is scheduled for August, when and where it will take place. For now, I’m just planning to take all the starts in a row, there will be few, seven or eight, so there’s nowhere to go.

– You train in the same group with Sergey Shubenkov. Aid ?

– Very motivating. He’s a great athlete and a great person. I look at him and I want the same, I’m very happy that we train together, although of course we have different specializations and jobs.

Source : MatchTV

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