“I am preparing to be ready at any time to return to the international scene” – Lasitskene

Olympic high jump champion Maria Lasitskene in conversation with reporters, she said she did not think exactly when Russian athletes would return to the international stage, but noted to be ready to return at any time.

On Wednesday, Lasitskene won the “Memorial of NG Ozolin and VM Dyachkov”, gaining a height of 1.96 m.

In November 2022, the Council of the World Athletics Association (World Athletics) did not restore the membership of the All-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) in its composition, but the working group received a recommendation for restore the status of ARAF in March 2023.

– Congratulations on your victory. Satisfied with how the jumps went today?

– Thanks! I am satisfied that at each start I add more. Today we managed to jump 1.96. These attempts are again the second … I overcame them – that’s the main thing. In general, I liked everything. The sensations in the sector are good. I congratulate GCO LIFC with a new arena. Very cool, light and spacious. I liked jumping here, – correspondent quotes Lasitskene.

– Why didn’t you manage to take a height of 2 meters?

I don’t know and don’t want to know. We train, we compete. I do everything expected of me. So it’s like that today. I don’t want to burden myself. There are many things to fear. So the main thing is that we train, well-being allows me to jump both in training and in competition. Prepare.

— Rivals today who came out of the fight early?

– Unfortunately yes. I want more competition at least by 1.94, to compete. Well, everyone gets in shape differently.

– The IOC is considering allowing Russian athletes to enter the international stage, World Athletics has made it clear that it is ready to restore the VFLA. You said that as long as there is hope of playing Paris 2024, you will jump. Has the latest news boosted hope?

“Unfortunately, many years of experience in communicating and understanding how World Athletics works doesn’t allow us to set ourselves up – whether we’ll be fired or when they’ll be back for sure. I’ve just prepared for the fact that I have to give my best and be ready at any time for our return.If we set dates – now in the summer they will definitely come back to us – it will not make it easier for me.Therefore, it is more it’s easy for me to have long-term goals, to be in good shape, to be able to compete with girls at the highest international level.

– Do you follow international competitions?

– No I do not know. I didn’t even know what the best season result in the world was. In Chelyabinsk, I learned from the advertiser. Once again, I take care of myself, of my results.

Source : MatchTV

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