Athletistic/Chess. Russian chess player Alexandra Goryachkina admitted that she thought about changing her nationality.

Kosteniuk tied with Koneru and kept the lead for the rest of the FIDE Grand Prix round

Goryachkina is the second in the FIDE rating.

“You know, for the past six months the Russian Chess Federation has ignored me for some reason. Last year I was the only ‘collector’ without funding. I thought it was the same for everyone, but before the candidates tournament, I found that not everyone had it. I asked for help for the tournament – and nothing. Before that, there was the championship of Russia, where I wanted to play. But they didn’t even ask me and they just deleted me. Global injustice, a thought crossed my mind (about changing citizenship and place of residence). But it has not gone far yet, “said Goryachkina “Championship”.

Russia’s Kosteniuk defeated Ukraine’s Muzychuk and cemented her leadership at the FIDE Grand Prix stage

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