The coach compared Gorbacheva’s victory over Zhilina to the showdown between Shcherbakova and Trusova at the Olympics

figure skating coach Alina Gorbacheva Sofia Fedchenko in an interview with compared the situation at the Russian Championship among juniors with that of Anna Shcherbakova And Alexandra Trousova at the Beijing Olympics.

At the Russian Junior Figure Skating Championship in Perm, Plushenko’s student Veronika Zhilina won silver, and Sofya Titova, who performed two triple axels and a quadruple salchow in the free skate, came fourth. Gorbachev won. Plushenko said many skaters from his academy are likely to compete for other countries due to biased refereeing in domestic competitions.

There were two similar situations. Almost similar. Plushenko himself in 2010 and Shcherbakova and Trusova at the last Olympics. From these situations you need to draw some kind of conclusion and follow the existing rules. In the system that exists in modern figure skating.

The situation at the 2022 Olympics with Anya Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova is very telling. Anya won the Games with two flawless quads and great skates. Sasha made five quads, but lost. Lost in the short program. That is, this situation is individual, as it is now with Alina and Veronica. Likewise, Alina has a quad, while Veronica has three and a trixel. That is, the difference is three “ultra-si”. Likewise, in the short program, the rental lost by a big margin in points. And also because of the triple axis.

Somebody tries to go against the system, and somebody gets into the system. I’m not trying to go against it. I believe that everything must be calculated and, depending on the situation, insert the content that is guaranteed to bring victory. After Zilina’s free skate, I realized that Alina with a quadruple salchow would win the competition in clean skating.

His record with a quadruple in a step is 145.43. We subtract the track – 142-143 points remain, add points for a clean quadruple – it will be 146-148. Enough to win. So we decided not to take any risks, to ride with only one quad, to invest as much as possible in the presentation, the choreography, and to think about sliding. When we pursue two or three quads, then, of course, the entries are simplified and the program becomes less spectacular and beautiful.

Again, if Veronica skated cleanly with her content, we would be missing a quad to win and we would be taking a risk. How it would turn out in the end – no one knows. Sport does not tolerate the subjunctive. Everything happened exactly as it happened,” Fedchenko said.

Source : MatchTV

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